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Messaging And Groupware: Equal Partners

mabdgpRather than put their efforts into defining groupware, managers might do better to focus on preparing a plan to help their companies grow into collaborative computing. Electronic mail provides a foundation for incrementally adding groupware functions; however, standards must be established before the necessary infrastructure can be built.

The boundaries of E-mail as a distinct messaging application are already blurred by Continue reading

Egleston Makes Collaboration “Child’s Play”

dteDigital Equipment Corp.’s TeamLinks, which the company began shipping last month, has already garnered rave reviews from beta testers of the groupware program.

At Egleston Children’s Hospital, part of Emory University in Atlanta, officials are using the TeamLinks suite of integrated client/server applications to help control the flow of information while offering new services to users. Egleston currently has 30 nodes in its pilot program and plans to have at least 400 nodes by late 1993. Continue reading