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Groupware Growth Remains A Tell

gpwgrThe heterogeneous environments of today’s larger corporations demand that groupware products offer cross-platform capabilities, or at least some promise of them.

Keeping that promise depends, at least partially, on vendors’ ability to agree on industry standards, says Mike Werther of BeagleSQL. As always, those wars rage on. Some vendors, however, currently support limited cross-platform capabilities within their groupware programs and are vowing farther-reaching support in the future.

The growing number and size of work groups has forced the Continue reading

The Power Of Notes Is Strong

ldctsFinancial-services holding company and PC Week Corporate Lab Partner Society Corp. has adopted Lotus Development Corp.’s Notes as a collaborative network platform. The firm, which has grown rapidly through a series of acquisitions (most recently that of Ameritrust Corp.), sought a way to pull together all the disparate elements of daily operations.

Early in the adoption process, executives at the Continue reading